November 5, 2011

HP 3115m Notebook a Redesigned HP Pavilion DM1z?

HP has just announced the 11.6-inch HP 3115m for the business market. This new notebook from HP is like the HP Pavilion DM1z just redesigned a bit for business segment of the market. HP 3115m is a stylish and compact ultraportable PC that can give you of up to 11.5 hours of battery life and flexible wireless capabilities, people on the go can take this HP notebook anywhere without worrying about plugging in to the main power source.

One good thing about this new HP 3115m is its Beats Audio branding which shows that HP is starting to work with their first-class audio solution outside of the customer space aside from its really good battery life. Aside from the audio improvement the new HP 3115m notebook comes with soft-touch Imprint finish, which looks elegant while facilitating to hide fingerprints.

HP 3115m

One of the more business-oriented features presented by the HP 3115m is a Computrace Pro installation, which is turned off by default. Users or companies can turn it on by selecting a subscription with different options available. One to 5-year subscriptions are available at special pricing for HP business users. With Computrace Pro, your data and hardware will not be completely out of reach when your notebook is lost or stolen. It also gives you tracking service with remote data deletion. One to 5-year subscriptions are available at special pricing for HP business users.

HP 3115m

Further to that, HP 3115m sports 2GB of DD3 RAM and 320GB of hard disk drive with speed of 5,400RPM for an entry level unit. This new ultraportable notebook is powered by AMD Brazos platform E-450 that runs at the speed of 1.65 GHz and Radeon HD 6310 Graphics. Like the HP Pavilion dm1z, the HP 3115m comes with an 11.6-inch screen, with 1366x768 effective resolution. This notebook weighs only 3.52 pounds with 6-cell, 55Whr battery . It will be released in North America on November 11th with a starting price of US$430.