April 23, 2012

Intel Core i5-2540M

The Intel Core i5-2540M is a second generation dual core processor for mobile computers. The Intel Core i5-2540M is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture and features Hyper Treading technology to handle 4 threads at once that increases the processor performance by 20%.
The Intel Core i5-2540M offers a smaller level 3 cache of 3 MB, 512 kB level 2 cache and 128 kB level 1 cache. This Intel Core i5-2450M dual-core processor has a base clock speed of 2.6 GHz but because of TurboBoost technology it can speed up to 3.1 GHz when 2 cores are active and 3.3 GHz when only 1 core is active, Turbo Boost can be achieved when the thermal and electrical aspects are met.

The Sandy Bridge architecture is the successor of the Arrandale architecture and the most remarkable improvements of this architecture is the improved Turbo Boost 2.0 and the integration of the graphics and memory controller into the 32nm CPU core. This is the equivalent of the APU technology introduced by the AMD. The Core i5-2540M has an integrated graphics controller called Intel HD Graphics 3000 which is faster than the old Intel HD Graphics in the older CPU architecture because the GPU is now integrated and shares the same level 3 cache with the CPU cores the Intel Core i5-2540M’s integrated GPU is clocked at 650 to 1300MHz because of the GPU Turbo Boost.

The Intel Core i5-2540M dual core processor has 35 Watt TDP; this includes the integrated GPU and memory controller. The Intel Core I5-2540M has a PassMark Rating of 3862. Below is the list of processors with corresponding PassMark rating compared to Core i5-2540M. The higher the value the better the performance.

Processors Passmark Rating
Intel Atom N435 246
Intel Atom N280 315
AMD E-240 317
Intel Atom N450 318
Intel Atom N455 321
AMD C-50 453
Intel Atom N2600 543
Intel Atom N550 567
AMD C-60 592
AMD E-300 595
Intel Atom N570 646
Intel Atom N2800 723
AMD E-350 APU 725
AMD E-450 743
Intel Celeron 867 1255
Intel Core i3 380UM 1305
Intel Celeron B815 1346
AMD Athlon II P360 1348
Celeron B800 1379
AMD A4-3310MX 1417
AMD Turion II P540 1497
Pentium T4500 1546
Pentium P6200 1624
Pentium P6300 1679
AMD E2-3000M 1857
Intel Core i3-2367M 1884
Intel Pentium B940 1878
Intel Pentium B950 1976
AMD A8-3520M 2014
AMD A4-3300M 2196
intel Core i3-370M 2220
Pentium B960 2282
Intel Core i3 380M 2313
AMD A6-3420M 2321
Core i5-2467M 2371
Intel Core i5-2557M 2590
Intel Core i5 460M 2612
Intel Core i3 2310M 2619
Intel Core i5 560M 2671
Intel Core i7 620M 2794
Intel Core i3 2330M 2803
Intel Core i3-2350M 3084
AMD A8-3530MX 3151
AMD A6-3410MX APU 3157
AMD A8-3500M 3166
Intel Core i7-2677M 3176
Intel Core i7 720QM 3294
Intel Core i7 2637M 3328
Intel Core i5 2410M 3350
AMD A8-3510MX 3359
Intel Core i5 2430M 3484
AMD A6-3400M 3539
Intel Core i5 2520M 3586
Intel Core i5 2450M 3827
Intel Core i5 2540M 3862
Intel Core i7 2620M 3907
Intel Core i7 2640M 4209
Intel Core i7 2675QM 6128
Intel Core i7 2630QM 6334
Intel Core i7 2635QM 6574
Intel Core i7 2670QM 6804
Intel Core i7 2720QM 7040
Intel Core i7 2820QM 7495
Intel Core i7 2760QM 7586
Intel Core i7 2920XM 7680
Intel Core i7 2860QM 7912
Intel Core i7 2960XM 8861


Gene said...

I'm not sure if this our recent purchase. We're back to using desktop computer and we bought i5 to fit our budget.