November 8, 2011

LG P330 Most Desired Notebook PC ATM?

The new LG P330 is a successor to LG P310, this is another ultra-thin notebook from the company which is now finally available in Korea. This ultra-thin notebook comes with 13.3 inches IPS display. Some of the great features of IPS displays are: (1) it has fast response speed, (2) it displays accurate and consistent color from any viewing angle and (3) it does not lighten and show tailing when touched which makes them ideal for touch screens. This ultra-thin notebook is also powered by NVIDIA GeForce GT555M graphics card. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M is a fast intermediate class graphics card for notebook PCs. This makes LG P330 to run games and other applications that requires faster graphics card.

LG P330

The LG P330 also sports Intel Core i5 2435M Sandy Bridge processor that runs at the speed of 2.4GHz and has 3MB Intel Smart cache memory. This CPU clock speed can go to up to 3GHz when the need for extra power arises. Furthermore, this ultra-thin notebook is packed with 4GB RAM, a 40GB SSD and 640GB HDD combo for better performance, and a polished metal chassis which makes this notebook elegant. This notebook weighs about 1.7kg or 3.6 lbs. The company claims that the battery life of this ultra-thin notebook is up to 6.5 hours for normal browsing. With those specs mentioned, this ultra-thin notebook from LG is a must have.

LG P330