November 13, 2011

LG CF3DAT 3D Projector

LG has revealed a new projector to be available in Korean market that is designed for home theater use, the new LG CF3DAT 3D Projector. The new LG CF3DAT projector is big and powerful. This 3D cinema projector has the power to project a 200-inch image display and supports 2D and 3D content. The projector gives very bright projection with 1250 ANSI lumens in 3D mode. With 1250 ANSI lumens, the new LG CF3DAT 3D Projector makes about six times brighter than other first-class projectors.

The LG CF3DAT 3D projector supports full 1080p display resolution and it uses Film Patterned Retarder display technology. The Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology in the projector means that it can be used with normal polarized 3D glasses rather than the more costly active 3D glasses. The LG CF3DAT 3D projector is bright enough to be used in big living rooms, classrooms, museums, auditoriums and other venues.