December 9, 2012

Intel Pentium 987 : 1.5GHz, 2MB Cache, ULV

The Intel Pentium 987 is one of the dual-core processor classified as Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) which is designed mainly for entry-level laptop PCs. This Pentium 987 dual-core processor is based on Sandy Bridge technology without supports on technologies such as Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, Virtualization (VT-x, VT-d), AES and some other. This Intel Pentium 987 dual-core processor runs at the clock rate of 1.5 GHz. Likewise, this Intel Pentium 987 dual-core processor comes with Level 3 cache of 2 MB. Since this dual-core processor is constructed based on Sandy Bridge technology, this Intel Pentium 987 is packed with an integrated graphics controller called Intel HD Graphics which has the ability of playing high definition movies.

 In addition, this Intel Pentium 987 dual-core processor is equipped with some other technologies such as Intel HD Graphics, DDR3 Memory Controller, Enhanced Speedstep, Thermal Monitoring, Execute Disable Bit and some other more. This dual-core processor has a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 17 watts which makes this dual-core processor applicable for laptop PCs with sizes ranging from 11.6 inches and above.

Moreover, this Intel Pentium 987 dual-core processor has a PassMark score of 1199. This implies that this dual-core processor is more powerful than Intel Pentium 977 with a score of 1148 and other AMD Fusion APUs like AMD E2-3000M with a score of 1014; AMD E1-1200 with a score of 725; AMD E2-1800 with a rating of 812. Contrariwise, this is less powerful compared to Intel Core i3-3110M with a score of 2909; Intel Core i5-3317U with a rating of 3127; Intel Pentium 997 with a score of 1548; Intel Pentium B980 with a rating of 2301; and AMD A6-4400M with a PassMark score of 1579. More some other comparison you may visit this page.