September 6, 2012

Intel Core i7-3520M - Ivy Bridge, Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, HD Graphics 4000

Another processor under the Ivy Bridge Family is now available in the market, the Intel Core i7-3520M. This powerful dual-core processor being one of the Ivy Bridge processors is fabricated using 22 nanometer technology, which makes it more power efficient, compared to the previous family, the Sandy Bridge processors.

Moreover, this Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7-3520M dual-core processor boasts with Hyper-Threading technology which gives an enhancement with the processing power of this processor to about 30%. Further to that, it also features Turbo Boost technology which makes the processing speed faster when thermal and electrical aspects are met. It also offers Level 1 cache of 128kB; 512kB of level 2 cache; and 3MB of Level 3 cache.

This powerful Intel Core i7-3520M dual-core processor is intended for mobile PCs and packed with on-chip peripherals such as Direct Media Interface; PCI Express 3.0 interface; Dual-channel DDR3 memory controller; and HD 4000 graphics controller. The Core i7-3520M dual-core processor runs at the base clock speed of about 2.9GHz ( 2900 KHz ) but due to Turbo Boost technology it will automatically overclock to about 3.4 GHz when two of the cores are enabled, and 3.6 GHz when only 1 of the cores is active.

 In addition, it has a powerful integrated graphics controller called Intel HD Graphics 4000 which has the ability of rendering High Definition movies with ease. This integrated GPU comes with 16 Execution Units (EUs) which has a speed ranging from 650 MHz up to 1.25GHz ( 1250 MHz ) due to Turbo Boost which makes it one of the speedy variations. Just like other Third Generation Intel Ivy Bridge processor, this dual-core processor has Thermal Design Power ( TDP ) of 35 Watts which makes it suitable to mobile PCs that measures 14 inches and above.

This Intel Core i7-3520M dual-core processor has a PassMark rating of 4650. In comprarison to other processors this is powerful than Intel Core i5-3317Uwith a rating of 2974, Intel Core i5-3210M with a rating of 3989, Intel Core i5-3360M which has a rating of 4500, AMD A8-4500M which has a rating of 4174, and Intel Core i7-3517U which has a rating of 4019; but less powerful than Intel Core i7 3610QM which is rated 8384, AMD A10-4600M which is rated 5129, and Intel Core i7-3720QM which has a rating of 9078.