August 24, 2012

AMD A6-4455M Accelerated Processor with Radeon HD 7500G, 2.1-2.6GHz

Another Accelerated processor from AMD specifically designed for ultraportable PCs is now available in the market, the AMD A6-4455M. This dual-core APU is fabricated with the use of 32 nanometer technology and consist of Dual-channel DDR3 memory controller; Radeon HD 7500G graphics processor; PCI Express 2.0; HD Media Accelerator; and DVI / DisplayPort / HDMI / VGA display controllers.

This AMD A6-4455M dual-core accelerated processor for ultraportable PCs features 2.1 GHz (2100 MHz) base clock speed with the capability of overclocking automatically up to 2.6 GHz (2600 MHz), this happens when the thermal and electrical aspects of the system are met. Additionally, this AMD A6-4455M dual-core accelerated processor has an Integrated Graphics processor named Radeon HD 7620G which is DirectX 11-compatible and offers 256 shader cores but because of Turbo Core technology, the GPU runs anywhere amid 360 to 497 MHz.

In comparison to other integrated GPUs, this GPU performs better compared to Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 found in Sandy and Ivy Bridge processors. This AMD A6-4455M dual-core processor also features 2MB L2 cache, AMD-V hardware virtualization, 64-bit technology support and more.

This AMD A6-4455M APU has a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 17W which makes it appropriate for laptop sizes ranging from 11.6 inches and above. This AMD A6-4455M APU has a PassMark rating of 2070.

This is faster compared to Intel Celeron B815 which has a rating of 1346, AMD E2-1800 with a rating of 811 and Intel Core i3-2367M with a rating of 1884. On the other hand the AMD A6-4455M APU is slower compared to Intel Core i3-2310M with a rating of 2619, Intel Core i5-3317U with a rating of 2974 and AMD A6-3400M with a rating of 3539.