July 26, 2012

Intel Core i3-2370M with Intel HD Graphics 3000, Hyper-Threading technology

The Intel Core i3-2370M is a Sandy Bridge dual-core processor for laptop computer. One of its key features is Hyper-Threading technology to process four threads at once for extra processing performance. Unlike Core i5 and Core i7 processors, the Core i3 processors do not support Turbo Boost technology which means that it has a fixed processing speed.
Intel Core i3-2370M

The Intel Core i3-2370M dual-core processor has a CPU clock speed of 2.4 GHz (2400 MHz). It also offers Level 1 Cache of 128 KB; Level 2 Cache of 512 KB; and Level 3 Cache of 3072 KB. This Second Generation Core iSeries processor is much powerful compared to the First Generation but quite less powerful than the Third Generation ( Ivy Bridge ).

The Intel Core i3-2370M dual-core processor has a PassMark Rating of 3213, this is higher compared to Intel Core i3-2310M which has a rating of 2619, Intel Pentium P6300 with a rating of 1679 and Intel Core i3-3217U with a rating of 2660, but less powerful compared to Core i7-3610QM with a rating of 8333, and Core i5-3320M with a rating of 3918.

This Intel Core i3-2370M dual-core processor has an integrated video controller dubbed Intel HD Graphics 3000 which is capable of rendering high definition movies and low resolution games with ease. This is less powerful compared to the new GPU integrated in Third Generation processors. Furthermore, this Intel Core i3-2370M dual-core processor has Thermal Design Power (TDP) of around 35 Watts which makes it good for laptop with sizes ranging from 14 inches and above.