July 17, 2012

AMD A10-4600M - 3.2GHz, Radeon HD 7660G

Another processor that utilizes Trinity architecture is now available in the market, the AMD A10-4600M. This AMD A10-4600M is a quad-core accelerated processor made available in the 2nd quarter of 2012. This APU is fabricated with the 32nm technology and considered as one of the fastest Trinity accelerated processor available as of this writing.

This AMD A10-4600M quad-core accelerated processor runs at a clock speed of 2.3GHz, but because of Turbo Core technology it can speed-up automatically up 3.2 GHz when both thermal and electrical aspects of the system are met.

The AMD A10-4600M also features SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S, 4.1, 4.2, 4A), x86-64, AES, AVX, FMA, AMD-V Hardware Virtualization and 64 Bit support. It has an integrated graphics controller called Radeon HD 7660G which is DirectX 11 compatible and features all 384 shader cores and operates anywhere between 497 to 686 MHz because of Turbo Core technology in the GPU side which depends on the current application demand. The performance of this integrated GPU, Radeon HD 7660G is almost similar to the dedicated GPU Radeon HD 6650M and more powerful compared to the Intel HD Graphics 4000 available in Ivy Bridge processors.

This AMD A10-4600M accelerated processor has a level 2 cache of 4 megabytes. It also has a thermal design power (TDP) rating of 35 watts hence it is suitable for laptop PCs with sizes ranging from 14 inch and above.

The AMD A10-4600M has a PassMark score of 5147, this is higher compared to Intel Core i5-3317U which has a score of 2652, Intel Core i5-2450M with a score of 3827, but less powerful than Intel Core i7-3610QM with a score of 8333 and Intel core i7-2670QM with a score of 6804.