May 4, 2012

Atom N2600 vs. Atom N2800

Both Intel Atom N2600 and Atom N2800 are based on Cedar Trail technology which is known for improved video processor which is based on PowerVR SGX 545. This PowerVR SGX 545 is a graphics processor found in the A5 and A5X processors in Apple’s iPad. Furthermore, these atom processors were manufactured with 32nm technology with Thermal Design Power of around 3.5 Watts in Atom N2600 while 6.5 watts for Atom N2800. With the TDP rating it can be assumed that a netbook with Atom N2600 processor in it could have a longer battery life than the one with Atom N2800.
In terms of processing speed the Atom N2600 is clocked at about 1.6 GHz this is slower by 26GHz compared to atom N2800’s 1.86 GHz. For graphics side, the PowerVR SGX 545 in the Atom N2600 is clocked at around 400MHz, this is slower by 240MHz in comparison to the Atom 2800’s PowerVR SGX 545 GPU’s which is rated 640MHz. This means that the Atom N2800 will perform better than the Atom N2600 in terms of CPU and GPU.

 Furthermore, The Atom N2600 processor has a PassMark rating of 543 while the Atom N2800 has a PassMark rating of 723. The higher the tests score the better the performance of the CPU. Visit this link to compare Atom N2600 and N2800 to other processors in terms of PassMark Rating.


Henry said...

I believe that PS Vita is also using a SGX PowerVR.