December 30, 2011

Intel Pentium B970

The Intel Pentium B970 is a dual core processor for entry-level notebook PCs which is a successor of Pentium B960. This Intel Pentium B970 is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture using 32nm technology but it does not support many of the features present in Core iSeries processors like TurboBoost technology for the CPU part, HyperThreading technology that can boost performance of up to 20% more, AES, Virtualization – the VT-x and VT-d, Trusted Execution or Intel Quick.

Since this CPU, Intel Pentium B970, does not support TurboBoost technology its clock speed is fixed at 2.3 GHz this is faster by 100MHz compared to its predecessor Pentium B960. Moreover, this Pentium B970 has a Level 1 Cache of 128 KB, Level 2 Cache of 512 KB and Level 3 Cache of 2048 KB.

The Pentium B970 has an integrated a graphics controller called Intel HD Graphics clocked at 650 - 1100 because of the TurboBoost in the GPU part. This Intel Pentium B960 processor has a maximum power consumption of about 35W (TDP rating) which includes the integrated GPU and DDR3-1333 memory controller.