November 22, 2011

AMD E Series E-300 APU

Another Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) coming from AMD is the AMD E Series E-300. The AMD E-300 is the upgraded version of the single-core AMD E-240. The AMD E-300 APU is consists of two Bobcat cores which means that the new E-Series APU are all dual-cores. The CPU clock speed is down by a bit compared to E-240, it has a clock speed of 1.3GHz compared to E-240’s 1.5GHz but we all know that the clock speed is not the only basis to measure the overall performance of a CPU but also some other things like the number of core it has.

In graphics side the GPU clock of the E-300 also drops by a bit to 488MHz compared to E-240’s 500MHz but both have an ATi Radeon HD 6310 GPU that can play high-definition videos with ease. Regarding the battery life, the E-300 APU with a 6 cell battery should be around 4-5 hours.

The higher the rating the better the performance.

The higher the rating the better the performance

The PassMark PerformanceTest permits you to quantitatively benchmark a PC using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to other computers.

Processor Passmark Rating
Atom N435 246
Atom N270 304
AMD E-240 314
Atom N280 315
Atom N450 318
Atom N455 321
Atom N475 340
AMD C-50 452
Atom N550 567
AMD C-60 598
AMD E-300 602
Atom N570 646
AMD E-350 726
AMD E-450 768
Core i3 380UM 1302
AMD A4 3300M 2232
Core i3 2310M 2620

Microarchitecture: Bobcat
Platform: Brazos
Processor core: Zacate
Data width: 64 bit
Number of cores: 2
Level 1 cache size: 2 x 32 KB 2-way set associative instruction caches, 2 x 32 KB 8-way set associative data caches
Level 2 cache size: 2 x 512 KB 16-way associative caches
Pipeline: 15-stage
Multiprocessing: Uniprocessor
Maximum operating temperature (°C): 90
Thermal Design Power: 18W

  • MMX technology
  • SSE
  • SSE2
  • SSE3
  • Supplemental SSE3
  • SSE4a
  • AMD64 technology
  • Enhanced Virus Protection
  • Virtualization technology

E-300 Low Power Features
  • Core C1 and C6 states
  • Package C1 and C6 states
  • PowerNow!
On-chip Peripherals
  • 64-bit DDR3 memory controller
  • Graphics processing unit with 80 shader cores
  • PCI Express