October 22, 2011

Blockquote Tags

The <blockquote> tag defines a long quotation. Blockquote tags (<blockquote>, </blockquote>) are used to set off a section or block of text from the surrounding text meaning to say browser inserts white space before and after a blockquote element. Blockquote is often rendered with indented margins. Open your favorite text editor again and key in the code below.

<p>This is a normal paragraph.</p>

<blockquote><p>This paragraph is enclosed 
between blockquote tag. Blockqoute is used to define a long

<p>This is another normal paragraph.</p>

The code above will be displayed like this in Mozilla Firefox.

click to enlarge
Based on what you have observed in your web browser, what is the effect of blockquote to the texts in between these tags?