June 2, 2012

Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk - Core i5-2450M, Intel HD Graphics 3000, USB 3.0

Laptops are more in-demand nowadays than desktop PCs because of the following reasons: laptop consumes less electricity compared to desktop; laptops are portable than desktop; laptop is almost as powerful as desktop and many more. Acer has made available another laptop PC that can replace for desktop unit, the Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk laptop PC.
This Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk laptop PC is powered by Intel Core i5-2450M dual core processor that runs at a clock speed of 2.50 GHz but because of Turbo Boost technology it can speed-up up to 2.8 GHz when 2 cores are active and 3.1 GHz when only 1 core is active. It has 35 watts TDP which means that it will consume less electricity compared to the older versions of Intel processors. The Core i5-2450M has a PassMark rating of 3827, this is much higher/more powerful compared to AMD A6-3420M with a rating of 2321 and AMD A8-3530MX with a rating of 3151 but much less powerful compared to Intel Core i7-2670QM with a rating of 6804 and Intel Core i7-3610QM with a rating of 7488.

For the GPU part, this Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk laptop PC is packed with discreet – class GPU called Intel HD Graphics 3000 which can render high definition movies with ease. Almost all power-hungry software products can be installed and used in this laptop PC like Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro; CAD software products, and more.

This Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk also features 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM which can be expanded up to 8GB; Memory Card Reader; 320 GB SATA HDD that spins at the rate of 7200 RPM – this rating is good; Optical Drive; 15.6" ComfyView Active Matrix TFT Color LCD with LED backlit and 1366 x 768 resolution; Webcam; microphone; finger print reader; and bundles software package such as Microsoft Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word and Excel only, with advertising. No PowerPoint or Outlook; Bing Bar and Windows Live Essentials.

The Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk is packed with connectivity options such as 1x USB 3.0 Port; 3x USB 2.0 Ports (one is eSATA/USB Combo); Network (RJ-45) port; VGA port; Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WIFI IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n; Bluetooth 2.1; and HDMI output port. It also has 6000 mAh 6 cell lithium ion battery that can give you up to 8 hours of battery life to give you more time working away from the main source of electricity.

 This Acer TravelMate TM8573T-52454G32Mtkk is powered by the most known software product in the planet, the Windows 7 (64-bit Professional) operating system. This laptop PC can be obtained at a price of about $795.