December 2, 2011

LG DX2500 Glasses-free 3D Monitor

LG Electronics has made available the LG DX2500 Glasses-free 3D Monitor. The LG DX2500 has 25 inch of glasses-free parallax barrier 3D and head-tracking technologies. According to the company, LG is taking glasses-free 3D monitors mainstream with the DX2500. For you to enjoy viewing of 3D images at optimum level, you will need to stay within a certain angle and distance, but the old-fashioned limitations have been changed and made easier now, thanks to the inclusion of the parallax barrier 3D and head-tracking technologies that see action with the LG DX2500. This made a greater freedom of movement, permitting you to have a more comfortable user experience.

LG DX2500

The LG DX2500 also features webcam-based head- and eye-tracking, which permits the image to be attuned to the viewer's place relative to the screen. That does limit the pleasure of 3D visuals to either just one person or two who do not mind being well close to another, but it still take it over any of the glasses-based 3D display methods. The LG DX2500 also comes with a 2D-to-3D conversion option. The LG DX 2500 will be available in South Korea now, although the rest of the world will have to wait until early next year.