November 1, 2011

AMD E-450 Powered Samsung NP305U1A-A02

The new Samsung NP305U1A-A02 is the first ultraportable notebook to land in the Philippine market that is powered by the new Brazos platform AMD E-450. It has a screen size of about 11.6 inches LED HD and anti-reflective feature with a resolution of about 1366 x 768 pixels and aspect ratio of 16:9. The AMD E-450 powered Samsung NP305U1A-A02 offers almost identical specs as other ultraportables with the same APU.

Samsung NP305U1A-A02

With respect to size, the Samsung NP305U1A is 10.9-inches wide and 7.7-inches deep. It is smaller compared to its competitors. It is smaller than HP DM1-4000 which is about 11.4” x 8.46” and Sony Vaio YB which is about 11.4” x 8” and Dell Inspiron M102z’s 11.5” x 8.07". The Samsung NP305U1A is also lighter which is about 1.23 kg compared to HP DM1-4000 which is about 1.6 kg, Sony Vaio YB which is about 1.46 kg, and Dell Inspiron M102z which is about 1.56Kg.

Samsung NP305U1A-A02

The Samsung NP305U1A-A02 is packed with 2GB RAM like the Sony Vaio YB. This is out-powered by HP DM1-4000 and Dell Inspiron M102z, both with 4GB RAM.
One of the drawbacks on this ultraportable is its endurance which can give you of up to 3 hrs battery life only, for a 4 cell battery pack. This is under powered by HP DM1-4000 and Dell Inspiron M102z, both are powered by 6-cell battery. Regarding its price, the Samsung NP305U1A-A02 is about 23,900 in Philippine peso. This price is cheaper than Sony Vaio YB but pricey compared to Dell Inspiron M102z. Sony Vaio YB is packed with Windows 7 starter, Samsung has Windows 7 Home Basic while Dell Inspiron M102z is packed with Ubuntu 10.04. This is one of the reasons why Dell Inspiron M102z is cheaper compared to the three ultraportables.


Unknown said...

I was looking for home electronics and didn't know where to find them. Know of any good sites?

Seosrija said...

I have this Samsung NP305U1A-A02 notebook. This is awesome. And am telling you my personal experience that I can easily do the Video Conferencing through this notebook also.

Gelo said...

Because its quite powerful than any other intel atom netbooks and far more powerful in terms of graphics side because of the APU technology.

Unknown said...

I love the variety of colors they have. Black is always a good choice though. This consumer electronic looks like it would make a great gift too.