October 22, 2011

Linking to Another Page Anywhere in the World and Linking to Email Address

Linking to Another Page Anywhere in the World

Just like linking the page within a website there is no need to insert pound sign (#) before the file’s path when linking to a page anywhere in the world. Instead just place the full URL of the webpage as the value of the hypertext reference (href). See sample code below.

<a href=”http://www.google.com”>Google Search</a>
NOTE: Make sure to include the “http://” stuff in the href value when linking to another website using the absolute path or full URL of the website you want to link to or else your link might not work.

Linking to Email Address

If you want to let people email you by clicking on a link, you may use this code:
<a href="mailto:angelo@yourmail.com">Email Me</a>
Using the above code, the person can send email to the specified email address in the href attribute. Clicking on an email link does not send the email, it will just copy the email address provided in the link to the person’s default email application. For you to create an email link you should use the <a> tag and the href attribute must give the e-mail address after the text “mailto:”.