October 25, 2011

ASUS G53SX-A1, Portable yet Powerful Gaming Laptop

To all gamers out there, ASUS is here again to give you another gaming laptop that you will surely like. The ASUS Republic of Gamers G53SX-A1 gaming laptop. The ASUS G53SX-A1 has a 15.6 inch display that features robust parts that are distinctive of Republic of Gamers systems. On the other hand, the video card of ASUS G53SX-A1 has a slower memory bus speed and does not have a Blu-ray drive compared to the larger ASUS model G74SX.

The ASUS G53SX-A1 is packed with a quad-core Intel Core i7-2630QM with a clock speed of 2.0GHz at normal usage but it can give you a speed of up to 2.9GHz when needed, thanks to Turbo Boost Technology! The four cores of the CPU greatly help in multitasking in multi-threaded applications, remember this is a Core i7 CPU therefore it supports also Hyperthreading technology that can add an impact to the performance of the laptop. The ASUS G53SX-A1 gaming laptop also has 12GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM memory for an above average performance. Furthermore, this laptop does have 4 SODIMM slots, which can support up to 16GB of RAM.

Since this is a gaming laptop one important thing that we should scrutinize is the graphics card it is packed with. The ASUS G53SX-A1 ROG laptop comes with a 2GB GDDR5 GeForce GTX 560M graphics card but this model of graphics card supports only 128-bit interface, although, this seems good but it is not the king of mobile graphics card nowadays. The ASUS G53SX-A1 is packed also with a 750GB hard drive with an RPM of about 7200, this HDD specs can be ranked as average. Generally, the ASUS G53SX-A1 can be described as a sleek laptop with robust components that will surely love by gamers.

ASUS G53SX-A1 quick specs
  • Intel Core i7-2630QM Processor
  • TurboBoost and Hyperthreading Technology
  • 12GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
  • 15.6 - inch 1920x1080 Full HD LED Backlit Display
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M 2GB GDDR5 Video Card
  • 750GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • SuperMulti DVD Burner
  • Altec Lansing Speakers
  • dimension: 15.6" x 11.42" x 2.36"
  • weight:  8 Pounds
  • 2.0MP webcam
  • 8-cell lithium ion