April 25, 2011

Types of Diagrams

There are several diagrams used in electronics, the most commonly used are the block diagram, schematic diagram and the component layout. Block diagrams are used to give you the overall view of the circuits by breaking them down into smaller sections or blocks. Each block or section performs a particular function and the block diagram shows how they are connected together. As you can see on the illustration below, it does not show the components used within a block, only the inputs and outputs are shown.

Block Diagram of AM Radio Receiver
Schematic diagrams on the other hand, show the connections of the electronic parts as clearly as possible with all wires drawn neatly as straight lines as shown in the diagram below. Schematic symbols are used instead of the actual appearance of the electronic parts.

Schematic Diagram of AM Radio Receiver
Pictorial diagram usually illustrate a picture of the circuit. It is helpful in providing a layout of the position and placement of particular components or parts. Many times a schematic diagram is supported by a pictorial diagram.

A Pictorial Diagram of a Basic Circuit